Monday, February 14, 2005

Happy Valentine's day Mother F*ckers!

That is what my away message said this morning at 3 o'clock in the morning. I woke up this morning, to my grandmother calling wishing me a Happy Valentine's Day. I couldn't be mad, I couldn't be mad at grandma. Granted she did wake me up, but I can't be mad at my grandma. So, I woke up, not feeling any negatvity, in fact, I woke up happy, for the first time in a long time. I went on-line and checked the weather, sunny and 51 with the high of 59. How could you not be happy, but as always, I was skeptikal, what was the catch. I stepped outside, and I was shocked. Bright sunshine and never ending blue skies. Compared to yesterday's humid, rainy gray uncomfortable day, today was Godly. Warmth, bright sunshine and most importantly, it felt like just another day. I didn't have to deal with the special Valentine's Day edition of the Lane Warrior with everyone getting a Valentine's Shout out but me. Didn't have to worry about some stupid Turnabout Dance that in my four years of high school did not even attend. I wasn't engulfed by sappy love cards, balloons, roses and the color pink. Oh yeah, did I mention it was warm and sunny. Usually it is about 20 degrees, cloudy, chance of snow in Chicago around February 14th, but I'm not in the Chi anymore, I'm in Carbondale. Carbondale has brought the best out of Valentine's Day. I've never been this happy on Valentine's day...EVER! I wish I could hug everyone and be part of the hype for once in my life. It's too late now. I have the cash, and I have a girl in mind, but its too late. In the famous words that haunt Cub fans annually... WAIT TIL NEXT YEAR! Happy V-Day everyone, I'm off to get crunked tonite!

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