Friday, February 25, 2005

Bored and Lonely

I'm bored, lonely and tired. My friend is coming at 9:30, and we goin out tonite, but we can't be out late cuz we goin to the hoops game. SIU vs. Wichita, the revenge game, senior day and Saluki Maroon Out. Can't wait til the game, its gonna be the best game EVER ( I Hope!). In more good news, we're 90% complete on the Kevin becoming my new official roommate. Just some minor technicalities and we're set. Oh, even more good news. I was one of the blessed ones to end up with tickets to Cubs Opening Day on Friday, April 8th...6 rows behind the Cubs dugout. It'll be my 1st opening day in 11 years. And even better than that would be the Saturday matchup with the Boston Red Sox. I, like in 2003, get to see the return of a rivalry. I was at the only Cubs-Yankees game in which they lost (5-4), I hope that doesn't happen when the BoSox play the Cubs. I hope we stomp them, and I hope Clement goes up against like Wood or Prior or Z. I just got money rubbed against some black guys balls and put in my face...lmao. Only college life. I hope I get some sometime soon, for my sake and for the sake of the country. It should considered a national tragedy that I ain't got none. This place sucks and I can't wait til I get back to Chicago so I can see some real gals again. Talk to ya later!

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