Wednesday, February 23, 2005

New Poem

I've found myself in the last two creative writing classes writing poems. Now yes, that is what we do in class. But I find myself, while people are talking about the poem, and after I've thrown in my two cents I find myself miraculously writing on my purple folder. I think thats what the folder is gonna be used for, random thoughts of poetry. It worked for me in grade school and grammar school where I used either a notebook, binder or folder to write my current feelings, it helped me get through the day a lot easier. For example, the last poem "How opposites attract" that was written in class. So here is another one. It's called:

Don't Quit On Me by Luis medina

Please don't gice up on me
Wait! I can explain myself.
I know I've let you down in the past and
I've taken your childhood away from you,
money out of your pocket and in the end,
years off of your life
And though I can't give any of that back
the least I can do is apologize.
But that was then, I've changed
Ask anyone
This is my time, I know it and guarantee it!
Gimme one more chance, please!
If I can guarantee no more pain,
no more heartbreak
and nomore suffering...
Will you take me serious again?
I'm sorry that I've brought you empty promises in the past
but now I can bring you the infinite rewards in the immediate future.
Are you ready to give me another chance.
I know I've broken more hearts than ex-girlfriends
and have dashed more dreams than loud, obnoxious roommates.
But I'm finally ready to take that next step,
and take it with you,
all of you.
From the 3 million that showed up last year,
to the few that scattered the streets after October 15th 2003 in tears.
Come with me on a journey,
at least one last time.

Once again, interpret as you may.

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