Wednesday, February 23, 2005

A strange but wonderful dream

I just woke up from a peaceful two-hour nap. I was only awaken by a random black man asking me about his hair...only a dream that beautiful would be interrupted by a vision so ugly. No offense dawg, but you ain't the prettiest person I know. I digress. Wow, well, it was cold today, very cold and rainy and depressing. Oh yeah and hail. Not golf-ball sized, Chicago-style hail, but cold creepy hail that hit you in the face and sent shivers down your spine. So I came back, and took me a long quiet nap. I left an away message that quoted The Game's "Dreams" "And I brought you all my dreams...because I love you..." well, here is my dream. It was a great dream. It was peaceful and mellow, yet I was in good spirits. I think I was outside because it was dark and tehre were trees surrounding me. And a path in which people either walked or they were riding bicycles or jogging or something, I wasn't really paying attention. I was paying attention to the fact that I was surrounded by a dozen gorgeous women. We were all huddled, sitting on the ground listening to something, or observing nature or...I HAVE NO CLUE WHAT THE FUCK WE WERE DOING! Once again, I wish I knew what was going on. But once again, my dream resembles real life in which I was not paying attention to something I obviously shoulda been paying attention to. So at one point we all got up and began to say our goodbyes, and one cute brunette stepped over to me and said (to what I can remember): "I'd like to finish this meeting somewhere, can I have your number?" In a state of shock, I of course obliged. I still sat. Another approached me and asked me for my number. Three others came and I got all their numbers. I only remember one number though, and only the first three digits: 141. What kind of sign is that...well, wait the dream gets weirder. I got back to my dorm room (so I must've been at college) and everyone was standing in the hallway, everywhere I went, every floor I was on, it was weird. This old man stood outside my door demanding to see my ID and saying I couldn't be in my room. Oh yeah, another part to that dream. Okay, my friend Larry (who is an actual person) came to me and told me that cops were going thru everyones rooms for no reason, just to fuck us up. I was scared, so in the scared state I was I panicked and tried to hid bottles of Bacardi Limon, Absolut Vodka and Bacardi Zombie and Hennessey in a tiny drawer. If you are an SIU student or parent and remember the small desk drawers on the top, yeah, that wouldn't fit. But, I got everything in by some miracle. I was saved being arrested. However, I spent time in the jailhouse bailing out all of my friends. But I can't get over the girls. I wanna know what that was about. In the state that I am currently in, where I'm like Puffy, I need a girl, I want to know if that was a good sign of things to come. It's dark and cold and quiet outside, just like my love life...what did that dream mean, if anything?

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