Wednesday, February 23, 2005

How Opposites Attract

How Opposites Attract by Luis Medina

Big city, bright lights
corner stores and
street fights.
Dirt roads, country calm
farmers market
makes me yawn.
Movie theatres
drive ins.
Films before they come out,
got them through a friend,
For you its John Mayer, me
it's Lil Jon
loud booms of the King of Crunk,
contrast with Mayer's eerie calm.
But when our eyes met, you didn't know me
I didn't know you.
But I wanted to be with you, not for just one night,
not even just two.
So here's to the night, I thought I was in love
with an angel from above...
But I was wrong.
So as I turn around and leave, its one more slurred song
as I walk away I mutter,
good bye and so long.

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