Thursday, November 17, 2005

7 Minute Drill

Now it's a 6 minute drill...oh no oh no oh no. So much to talk about in so little time. Not really. I don't know why I'm posting when there isn't much to post about. So I guess this will be a quick one. Well, since I don't wanna spill a lot, I guess this will be the cliff hanger episode in which I drop hints and things and let you people come back tomorrow and see what's up. Let's see: new potential stalker that might be based from the past. Let's see, um, my stupid mouth. 4 minutes....coincidence between certain people and the disappearance, re-emergance and at times vacationing mind. My torn heart, my torn mind, and if I was a Chicago Cub, I'd have a torn elbow or shoulder. 3 minutes....times ticking on this blog and on the clock of going home. No class Friday. Two minutes....funny quotes from my teacher this week and why I love my english class so much! So many songs to download when I get home, then to put on my already full i-pod, i got a lot of important decisions to make...maybe i should get a full I-pod...any one got 300 bucks I can borrow without the intent of giving them back. One minute left, time for the victory lap. Songs that bring back bad memories. Songs that bring back good memories. Favorite songs, songs I hate, songs that I'd love to cover and songs that shouldn't be covered by anyone, not even Kanye West (if that's possible cuz the man can turn any song into gold or platinum) DONE!

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