Friday, November 18, 2005

Randomness on my last full day in Carbondale

Yay, no classes tomorrow, a basketball game and then i get to go home. I might be going out this friday since I have the room all to myself but it's unlikely. On the other hand it's likely that I do go out. We'll see where the wind (an hopefully a Saluki victory) takes me.
Last night I made promises about what I was gonna write and gave little tidbits about things I was gonna drop tonight. Well folks I ain't gonna disappoint, here's tonights random thoughts....
RANDOM THOUGHTS (from yesterday AND today)
Okay we'll start with the story that scares me the most, and I'll give a little bit of background on it too. In August my roommate, in attempt to boost my confidence with the ladies, pawned this girl on the internet from Michigan on me. To keep a long story short, he met her through a friend of his who met her online. She came on to him last year but he rejected her when he got a girlfriend in real life. He put her on to me too give me a boost. In the beginning, I fell for it. But at the same time I said that it wouldn't suprise me if this was all a complete, elaborate hoax because "any girl that thinks I'm a hottie is either blind or a liar." Those were my exact words, ask my friends. Well anyways, a month later she supposedly attempted committing suicide on the anniversary of the day she broke up with my roommate's friend, and then while in the hospital the doctors found out that she had lung cancer. Days after that she died of the lung cancer at the age of 19. A very shady story in my eyes. On top of that, her sisters were making posts on her Xanga page updating and talking and blah blah blah. Oh and then on top of that, we find out that these people: her, her friends, her "family" are all made up people just to elaborate the story. You have to be sick to do that. Then out of no where another sister pops out of the blue and says that she's taking over the site and that she was looking for a boyfriend. Not necessarily you do something RIGHT AFTER the death of family. But the funny thing is that the pictures that she supposedly puts up of herself were the ones her sister gave to me. Then she stalked my roommate and myself, I changed AOL ScreenNames, and now she tries to talk to me on the my space account that I have. Now there's another one that describes herself just like the other ones: blonde, tennis/volleyball players who's single and looking, but instead of Michigan she's in Springfield, IL. Yeah, creepy stalker lady, YIKES! Oh wait, here's a new one that was brought to my attention. I looked at her two Xanga sites and yeah, the one she originally has all of a sudden she comes back to life 3 months later and is back with the original boyfriend. Oh and the one she made after she supposedly left that one, the new sister has moved to California. All of this has made me so sick, it makes me wonder about the power of curses, hexes, jinxes and things of that nature that have been put upon me. It makes me think that I've done something wrong in life to deserve being lied to and deceived in this matter. It makes me think that I'm destined to be alone in life....But enough with that, because that's a different blog for a different night. Here's a simple one for ya, I give my roommate about not thinking before he speaks and says something stupid. Well I should heed my own advice, granted, I was coerced to say that because of the situation and what had been said and it was something I usually said but knowing the circumstances and the "mixed company" I should have known better than to say what I said. Me and my stupid mouth....Great quotes from english class: Reading this book will give you an STD.-teacher Today's the perfect day to slit your throat.-teacher. GREAT QUOTES! The quote with throat slitting was interesting because it was such a gloomy day and things like that, it did seem like a perfect day. And the book we're currently reading: Waiting For The Barbarians is a dirty dirty book....Ooh, remember when I found my mind the last few days, well that happened when a certain someone left the area and yeah, mind clear. They come back all of a sudden, minds back to being dumb mind again and yeah that sucks! I don't know, the power of certain people shocks me sometimes, puts me in my place to think about it....songs, oh I love music and can't live without it, but the other day I was listening to some songs that yeah, they put me in a depressed mood. Funny thing is that was the kind of music I wanted to listen to, I wanted something mellow. Well it got so mellow it brought me back to a time period where I was unhappy with myself and things. But then there's music that just picks me up when I'm down. Then there's music that absolutely just pumps me up and motivates me to do things. That's the power of music, it cna put you in your place, it can put you in a frame of mind, it can take you anywhere and yea, I LOVE MUSIC....I was gonna talk about covers but yeah nothing special is coming to my mind right now....We're still in the same situation that we were in this last weekend. I don't know what I'm going to do with myself, I really don't. That's the problem with women, when you're younger you don't want them, you get older you want them but they don't want you. However, I've never been wanted by someone that I wanted in return (and have known about it.) The parenthases are prefaced by a series of events that happened earlier in my life that probably changed my relationship with girls for a long time, or at least til I get my first relationship. I hate when I like a girl and she doesn't know it or when I like a girl and she doesn't like me back the way I do. Or to top that, I hate when I like a girl who likes another guy and that guy likes someone else and the beat goes on if you catch my drift. I've never knowingly been that guy. Once again, bad luck and bad timing contribute to my current situation with women. But yeah, it just drives me insane to think that I like someone and the feelings aren't mutual and that I can do nothing about it because they've already made up their mind. So you're stuck in a pickle. Ooh, here's a goodie for ya. Person A likes Person B. Person B like's Person A's friend, Person C. Person C however has no clue what's going on, and confides in their friend Person A. Now Person A is stuck in a dilemma. Where do Person A's loyalties lie? With Person C or with Person B? Or no loyalties to others, just loyalties with themselves. Wow, that makes Philosophy look easy. These are the moments in which I wish I could bring back my old favorite segment: What Would Lu Do? Well, here's your chance people, got a question about anything? Need advice? Need a prediction? Want a thought? Before Jean-Jean Pierre was doing horoscopes at NIU and before Dave Chappelle's Show had Ask A Black Guy and Ask A Gay Guy, I was in High School writing bullshit with a psuedo-advice column that I called 'What Would Lu Do?'
And that concludes RANDOM THOUGHTS! WOO HOO! See y'all in Chicago unless something important breaks.

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