Sunday, November 13, 2005

Fast Times in Salukiville

Wow, whatta day and night in Carbondale. I guess I can take you step by step through my day. It'd be cool like that. So I woke up at 10 am for NO REASON, it's not like I had class or anything. I woke up at 10, got out of bed at 10:30 after my friend Steve walked randomly in my room and woke me up and just left. I took a shower to clean myself after that crappy night I had last night and I did what I usually did after I get out of the shower, I went to the computer. I read my newspapers online, checked my fantasy football, hockey and basketball teams did some transactions with them and then moved on to My Space, Facebook and Xuqa. Nothing special, though I do like the Xuqa blogs. They give me some entertainment in the usually blah world of internet hook up sites. I left for the battle of SIUs at 12:30 with Steve. SIU-Carbondale, the school I currently go to, proved themselves to be the REAL SIU with a 50-31 win over the SIU Rejects of Edwardsville. Great defense and poor offense led to the final score. An offense that a week ago was crisp and potent turned sluggish and lost for direction. I'm hoping I don't have to see that again and that Jamaal Tatum takes control of this team like Hairston and Brooks did before. Like Tatum did in the first half of that game against Oklahoma State in the NCAA Tournament. Woo! 4-Time Defending MVC Champs, I can't get enough of that. Hey, I'm from the Chi, we don't win much and when we do, we celebrate like crazy and we cherish those teams forever! After the game, we came back to the room and had mom's kick ass chilli. I ended up eating two of the red hot peppers that were most likely intended for my roommate. Despite the heat, the chilli was probably the best I've had in a loooong time! Hours and hours after chilli we went to Hairbangers Ball. Hairbangers ball is basically live whitey music. LoL. He he he. I had to throw that in. Basically, Hairbangers Ball is a cover band of hit 80s music such as Def Leppard, Poison, Mottley Crue, Van Halen, you know bands like that. Songs like Pour Some Sugar On Me, Jump, Girls! Girls! Girls!, etc. But three songs really had me pumped. First off Jump by Van Halen. My love for that song extends of course to the Cubs. In 1984, that was their team theme. And before EVERY game they play it, and it reminds me of all of the good times I've had at Wrigley. Second was the final song of the night, You Give Love A Bad Name by Bon Jovi. I love that song, cuz damn, I know a lot of girls that give love a bad name. Finally, Enter Sandman by Metallica!!! That song came to fame of course because it is every awesome closer's entrance theme. Billy Wagner and of course the greatest closer of all-time Mariano Rivera. It's an awesome pump up song, that was their second to last song of the night and yeah, I SCREAMED EVERY WORD AT THE TOP OF MY LUNGS WITH MY ROOMMATE!!!!!! It was sooo awesome. Even the band acknowledged that that was the loudest they've heard any crowd sing that song ever. It's a bad ass song, I don't know what else to say about that! After the show, we ate at Don Taco. And after we leave Don Taco, that's when things get roommate, God Bless his soul, needs help. He's been saying he's over his ex for a week now, but after tonight he still isn't over her. She did him bogus though, it's honestly not his fault. She took him for granted, he deserves better and he probably will get better. He talks himself down but he knows better. I know better. He's not the lost cause that I am. He's a good guy who deserves a good girl that will appreciate his valiant efforts as a boyfriend. Someone who won't manipulate him and take him on a roller coaster ride. I know I know, people reading this will say it so I'll say it myself now: isn't that what every good guy deserves? Isn't that what every good guy wants? Of course it is, but fella's gotta admit, they're willing to put up with the first piece of good ass that they get and will be willing to put up with the girl's baggage as long as she's good in the sack. Wow, sorry lost my train of thought, I had visitors. Well anyways yeah, shit's whack. Gotta love women, they are the cause and solution to a lot of life's problems. Well anyways, yeah, I spent about a half hour talking my roommate off of the edge. Anyways, well, um...yeah, I'm conflicted. Turns out my roommate and I like the same girl. Go figure!!! I can't help it, I like southern girls, it's like my um, whaddya call it, it's like um...not necessarily my preference but it's something I'm very attracted to and usually has a big word attatched to it but my mind is fuzzy now, at 4:17 am, I can't think of it. So anyways we like the same girl. I'll be honest, as much as it hurts me to say this, let him have her. I can't compete with him, let alone the guys that she actually likes. I'm convinced I'll never be someone's special somebody. I'm resigned to that fate, and there's nothing I can do about that. But what REALLY sucks about this is that I don't know what to do. How can I help him when I know where my mind lies? There's only two ways to get over her. Way number one is to stop being friends with her. I can do that, I'm Lu, I kill friendships with girls all the time. Hell the girl I liked last year, I rarely talk to her and see her and yeah, whenever she comes around, I get that funny feeling inside my body about her, but maybe it's just cuz I see her in doses. But I'm relatively over her. Maybe I need to be far away, that's a great idea, the best way of completing that is going home, for good. Way number two is to find a girl. Not just any girl, THE GIRL! No one night stand, no booty call, no nothing like that. I'm talking the girl, I'm talking girlfriend material! There are certain girls that fit that. But this is me we're talking about, so yeah, not gonna happen. Though it's nice to think of. I need to go home. I can't wait, 6 days! WOO HOO!!!!! Yeah, but if I don't get a girlfriend or if I don't just drop her as a friend, I'm gonna end up like I did last year. I'd rather not drop her as a friend. She's been a good friend in the time that I've known her and I hate losing good people as friends, especially girls. God knows I don't have many friends at it is, let alone friends of the opposite sex. That's it for now, I'm tired and I want to be up at noon to watch football. I highly doubt that will be happening. Lost cause, signing off from Salukiville.

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