Monday, November 14, 2005

Sunday Thoughts

Sunday's come and gone and I have mixed feelings. Good feelings: Bears won! What a game it was, crazy wind playing tricks with kicks and 108 yard missed field goal returns. I think the best part was that former rodeo clown (i'm convinced he wasn't a rodeo cowboy) Cody Pickett, now QB for the 49ers was 1-28 completions. Antwaan Randle El of the Steelers went 1-1 for a 51 yard play! But yeah, the Bears won, that's all I really accomplished today.
Countdown's Galor
Woo, if there's anything I love, it's countdowns. First off, only 1 day until Kanye West comes to the SIU Arena! I'm so happy, finally MY MUSIC comes to town. I enjoyed LBC, they're awesome. Hairbangers Ball is fun but ya know I only knew half of the songs and supposedly it looks like I wasn't having fun, but ya know, shit I should take white folks to a rap concert in the middle of the city and see how much fun they have. Once again, I will relate the following to Chappelle's Show. I'll reference season one episode 4, the Mad Real World. Where Chappelle goes where I've always wanted to go. You put the one black guy around the craziest white folks and you're gonna get some awkwardness and you're gonna see the brother flip. Can't blame him, shit I do it all the time. It's why I say, I hang out with too many white people, its because I do. I'm not saying I don't mind the company of my white friends, but damn, I feel out of place. And that's how I feel around suburbanites and country folks, just like they should feel out of place when I take them through The City. But yeah, I feel like any minority would feel around a crowd of 200 slightly intoxicated white folks. Next I reference to season 2 where Chappelle explains that white people actually can dance, they need the right music. In short, Chappelle and guest John Mayer play electric guitar because electric guitar is the white persons dancing weakness. They just hear the electric guitar and they just let loose. You play the electric guitar around most minorities, you'll be yelled at to turn that racket down. You wanna see minorities dance? Get some drums and Questlove from the roots and u got a beat. But for some hispanics you might need a jive talkin jibberish speaking hispanic, a conga line and some island like sounds and bam! You got a party. That's where white people fail at dancing. They don't dance to hip-hop, R&B, salsa or merengue. Just like minorities don't let loose when they hear electric guitar and a white man singin in spandex! It just doesn't work like that. So for those of you who read this and thought I had a bad time at Hairbangers, take all that into consideration. Damn, I can relate a lot of things in life to The Simpsons, Family Guy, The War At Home, Chappelle's Show, any of Chris Rock's stand-up shows and The Kings of Comedy ooh and The Sandlot. I can grab here and there for things in other movies and shows, but yeah those relate to me VERY WELL!!!! Back to the countdowns! 5 days til I go home. And when I got my Friday and Saturday planned out to the most part. Friday I got class til 3. I'm gonna finish packing and go to the basketball game at 7 pm. After the game, I party. I go to any house party I can find (hopefully I have some money) and I'll get drunk maybe I can find me a one night stand since I'll have the room ALL TO MYSELF. But I can't miss the train at 3 am so she gotta be gone by then actually she gotta be gone by 2 so i can get my wits about me and be at the train station at 2:30. So yeah, I get home Saturday morning, my mom is gonna pick me up, I gotta call Anna to tell her I'm coming to see her Saturday and I'll be seeing her as much as I can next week. Um...oh yeah Saturday night is the B-Day/Going Away/Welcome Back party at Tony's house. B-day is his girlfriend's, she turns 20. Going Away is our friend George who's in the Army right now. And they're welcoming back me. Hopefully they welcome me back with food, booze and hoes. ;-) Hey I am a very wishful person at this point. So I'll be partying it up back in the CHI!!!! And yep, that's it. 34 days until X-Mas break and there's no one more excited than me. That means no more school for a month, that means home cooked meals, listening to the Score on actual radio working at McDonald's for minimum wage and it means friends and family too. I just found out my friend Calla (yes, Calla from last year) won't be coming back next semester and that she's trying to go to Columbia College in Chicago. Can't blame the girl for wanting the city life, hell I miss it more than anyone. Somethin bout that big city and bright lights. Makes me wonder more about last year, but hey gotta move on, remember "The past is for losers and cowards." Dusty said it, but Ditka said it first and DITKA IS GOD!!!! You gotta believe in the Ditka. In Conclusion I can't wait for Kanye, I can't wait til Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving break, and I can't wait to go home for X-mas vacation. Tick.....tick...tick..tick.tick!!!!! Time keeps on tickin', tickin', tickin'!!! And for once this weekend I'm smiling. Oh and if you are wondering, nothing's changed since last night, I still feel the same way about everything!!!!

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