Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Kanye West: Worth The Hype

The highlight of the first semester was worth the wait and so worth the hype, it was wonderful. I missed Keyshia Cole, but I don't feel I missed much. I caught the end of Fantasia, wasn't impressed, in fact I was frightened and disheartened. I don't like people screaming at me. The highlight of Fantasia was when she let the one guy sing and then they cut to a sampling of Trillville's Some Cut. I was also amused by the B-A-B-Y M-A-M-A, they baby mama song. Inspires me to make an album some time soon. Well, let's move on to the showstopper himself, Chi-town's Finest, Mr. H-to-the-Izzo, 'Ye, Kanye to the..., Mr. West, K. West, Kanyeezee....Kanye West. Worth the swait and the price of admission from song one til the end. To make this short since I have a paper due in 12 hours and 41 minutes, my favorite songs from his set were: Spaceship, Addiction, Jesus Walks, Gold Digger and All Falls Down. I liked how he incorporated old school songs and original parts of the songs that he sampled as bits of introductions to the songs. I love how he came out in a SIU t-shirt. The costume changes were awesome because he was so quick with it. Diamonds was another highlight and so was the light show during Addiction. And the falling confetti during We Major was good. Crack Music live was better than I expected, though I wish he woulda done verse two where idictes President Bush on aiding Saddam in getting anthrax, but he made up for it in All Falls Down "and George Bush gets paid off of all of that." I liked when he sang samples of the chorus' of songs that he produced such as Overnight Celebrity and Encore and played some other Roc-A-Fella classics. The freestyle during Slow Jams is something I would LOVE to have on audio, hopefully someone could get that, that'd be sweet. I think the ultimate moment was during Gold Digger towards the end he stopped and said basically told white folks that this was the only time they could say the n-word and get away with it and that they better say it now. The crowd ERUPTED. It was a great show, too bad a lot of people weren't there to see it. It was great, it definetly ranks in my top concerts seen. Hairbangers Ball...EAT YOUR F'N HEART OUT!!!!

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