Monday, November 28, 2005

An Interesting Day Back In The 'Dale

An interesting day it has been in Carbondale indeed. I survived all of my classes today which is one of the few times I've been able to do it since the first month of school. It feels like a total accomplishment. The best thing about today was of course English class. I learned today taht I finally fit into a stereotype. I've prided myself on not being a stereotypical anything, but I finally found a stereotype that fit me. I relate it to the movie Hollywood Shuffle where the guy is trying to choose whether he frees the two slaves and then the southern belle comes from nowhere and instead of saving his people, he saves the southern belle. That's me, I'd do anything for a southern girl, ANYTHING! I'd drop lotsa things for them girls, I love them. So yeah, my worst fears have come true. Its all mutual, so this is where I put aside any feelings I have, and do as jay-z says and "fuck perception and go with what makes sense." I'm gonna be doin something that I've grown accustomed too. Some people say I've grown to accustomed to it, and maybe theres a future in it for me. One day my time will come and I will be basking in sunshine and smiling for once. One of these days baby, one of these days!

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