Saturday, December 03, 2005

Week Review Weekend Preview

In what has been an eventful yet stressful week, it winds down, however it leads to two potentially even MORE stressful weeks of life in Carbondale. As this week has wound down, I've began to figure out what has been goin on with me, as if I was figuring myself out. Its as if my days are good and my nights are bad, and thats why I have so crappy blogs at night. I feel as if I blog after my classes, you might get a depressing tale of boring classes, but an overall upbeat mood from me. However, I blog at night, when I'm alone and its quiet then yeah, it kind of makes sense. So, the cheesecake was a success, I'm happy about that, it got approval from everyone, more girls shoulda had some, cuz I guess girls like guys who can cook, and yeah, I like cooking, its pretty fun. Tomorrow should be interesting with the SIU playoff game at 1:30, I'm gonna have to go to the bars to watch it cuz we don't get it on TV around here. Tomorrow night, I'm not quite sure what I want to do, I might go to the country bar. However I have my doubts: city boy, outsider, minority in the country....yeah combine that with the possiblity of being the third wheel and I don't know which would be the worst of my fears. And there's a six dollar cover which is more than any house party, and they're not giving me free beer....and i'm stuck with a bunch of hicks. Personally, I'm scared, but there might be a girl involved, but this is me we're talking about. So yeah, I dunno if I mentioned this earlier, but the single life sucks, especially when everyone around you either has it or has had their fair share of it. And if you don't know what it is, then you are on a level that makes me look good....does everything have to remind me of this. I just switched the TV from elimidate to a random commericial and they are showing off soul70s classic CDs and the song of course is Al Green's 'So Tired of Being Alone.' I'm englufed in a pit of love, this is almost as bad as I feel around Valentine's Day. Oh my gosh I just thought about it, Valentine's Day, oh my gosh I don't wanna be anywhere around this place for Valentine's Day. I'm scared now, I really am. Knowing my roommates history, I'm gonna probably kill myself over Valentine's Day. I might be overreacting cuz i'm so stressed and tired, but yeah, its over. Oh and this was possibly the lamest Elimidate ever. During the final round the guy had a question and answer session with the following questions: If you were president bush, how would you end the war in Iraq? Should teachers be paid on performance or by tenure? How do we avoid scandals like Enron? It was so lame during the answers the cameras focused on the girls bodies, as if their answers didn't even matter. Awww, these lonely nights might be the end of me one day. Hopefully, today's not that day. Good night til later!

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