Friday, December 02, 2005

Todays Things

I'll try to make this as quick and painless as possible. I was up til 6 am because my roomies girlfriend's best friend stayed over last nite and we watched american pie 2 and we passed out in the beginning of american wedding. I missed my 1st two classes sleeping inn like she. ooh found out we both have the same math class so we'll be going to our test together and i'm thinking about going with her, my roommate and alicia to the country bar, I'm having thoughts. But for sure we should be going out tuesday and yeah before you start thinking anything is gonna happen don't expect it she just got out of a relationship. Well let's see highlights of the night are as follows since I don't feel like typing it, i'm cutting and pasting from a convo i had wit my guy from u of i
SIULou7186: ok so we was chillin in my room and this guy from upstairs rob said that we should go out and we hit up a house party; we get there and a water main breaks in the house, and then theres a fight, my guy gets a sudden nose bleed and leaves, me and the girl have drinks then leave cuz we think he left us....he goes to attempt to break up the fightCrazzyA29: damn.....SIULou7186: wait there's more cuz on our way back some guy wanted to walk behind me and the girl and then he up and disappeared and then reappeared running across the field then this guy says he had a bad night because he found a dinosaur and then she came up and then we walked her home, and then the dude was trying to be fresh wit her and i stopped him, but then he bit me and i got this nice coat and then i started hitting him in the head and then we almost got in a fightSIULou7186: so im here alone but she's gonna come pick me up for class tomorrow
There's more to it like my friend getting a bloody nose outta nowhere and then trying to break up a fight because country people can't mind their own damn business. And yes he bit me in the arm.

It's not the poetry that I promised but here are some random freestyles from tonite.

SIULou7186: tight rhymes from my boy young billy after a shot of amaretta i be rhymin so silly i'm doin things big style like my man slick willy two shots later im hittin on that the hottie jilly my rhymes so cold like christmas time wit old saint nick even that man acknowledges that my rhymes so sick and everyone gather round its x-mas time again im talkin to you baby girl and please bring a friend
SIULou7186: and baby girl we'll ride christmas to the end and we'll make this shit a trend cuz i'm a trend starter no me i don't barter my next verse i'm comin harder or maybe i come with a top charter yep indeed im headed to the top of the charts aimin for a bullseye like a game of darts i'm the ace of hearts yes believe what i say i end this rhyme with a holla holla and a have a nice day
SIULou7186: my minds so lost i don't understand half of what your sayin so i take time from that to get a lil' prayin but no need to pray i know what to say i'm oh-a-okay like that old offspring song i come out to play like jordan i swish j's like mike vick i make plays like a nerd i get A's and like a lunatic im crazed but thats cuz im a perfectionist i fuck everyones perception they pissed and hoes pissed cuz they miss what could be the greatest of all time though i could be talkin about my life in the bed im talkin about writin rhymes and hoes take a look and wish they could turn back time get the instant replay and we goin to overtime
SIULou7186: if it was up to me i'd be rhymin frequently with chi-towns finest layin down the track with a guest appearance by jay-z make a track we can call it part two of the dough boys go crazy but instead i feel to lazy feelin like i wanna go out find some hoes that all they wanna do is amaze me fake rappers think they hot they wanna blaze me all i wanna do is go back to work give my uni back and say fuck you to who pays me and say good bye to the crew and the staff walkin out of there with the loot but they too stupid to do the math damn manager should take a bath and shave in no particular order get rid of the beard and then u can bathe now i got the white boys out of whack they think they at a rave they fucked up off that x they think my name is daveSIULou7186: so i step off look for a girl wanna make her my slave like the old days love slave all up in my cave and i can't believe that i just brought myself down to this level of rappin about hoes but the guys who rap about this are always the ones the go gold but fuck gold when my ass can go plat i can do it probably two times be like lil' wayne and bring it back but to the top of the map to the chi wit pride where real ballas don't ride big wheels they don't need the fame my boys like the g-unit they don't need no game we just roll up to the joint and the owners know our name northside chitown yeah baby we do the damn thang

I dunno, besides that, today was an up and down day, just like this has been an up and down week. I'm alone in my room, i'm pretty out of it, its not like that i don't like being alone, but i'm tired of it, especially when everyone else is getting lucky, i'm gonna have to explain that later. But for now I QUIT!

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