Wednesday, November 30, 2005

A Relatively Uneventful Day

Compared to the ups and downs of the previous 48 hours, today was very blah. Very slow, very boring very blah. There was class, then nap time, then I cooked pasta which was very impressive. Tomorrow I make cheescake, that should be interesting. I love it when I'm cooking and the girls come by and say whats up, intrigued not only by actual food on a college campus but a guy that can cook is supposedly something women love! Problem is that in general women don't love me, I GET NO LOVE! LoL...upwards and onwards. Interesting day in sports, Duke won (boo!), Paulie re-signed with the Sox (good for them and good for Paulie, finally an athlete who cares about winning over money though the Sox did make the best offer in the end), Giles re-signed with the Padres for 3 years 30 million in a deal that could go 4 years 36 million. A lot of money, but at least he didn't go to the Cardinals or Astros. Just had a nice little half hour talk with Kristin, that was nice, got a lot off my chest. I'm takin this Hoos-Alicia thing pretty well now, well relatively well compared to yesterday. Its that bit of the jealousy thing again. I hate myself for it because I never used to be the jealous type, I don't know what's happened to me since I've been in college. Well, I have an idea, but ideas get me in trouble, I'll work on it though. What has driven me crazy about it is that I really orchestrated this, I'm still in shock that I got it done, and I wish I could have gotten it done for myself, but there was an understanding in my eyes that there was nothing beyond that magical 'f' word 'friendship' that was going to happen. Once I've resigned myself to the 'friend' only role, there's nothing I can really do about changing it, especially when there's a mutual friend involved. Joking around about it, I'm kinda like the Tribune Company when it comes to the Cubs. I'm competitive 'til the price gets too high. The Trib says they don't have the resources, which is something I say, but it works more for me because I don't. My lack of prior relationships hurts my chances. I don't have a steady job, I never had a lot of money when I was younger, I always focused on school over social life and yeah, it hurts. And now that school and social life have combined to put me in the sophomore slump, it hurts even more that I don't have someone to help talk me through this. I'm talking beyond sex here people. I'm talking about an emotional connection and mental connection. And we were talking earlier about how difficult it is to meet someone on the college campus. Its hard to find someone that you click with, that is why a lot of college people go back home to where they have back up plans or they go back to exes or friends with benefits or just friends and they up the game and up the level of the relationship. Me, I don't have that luxury, not having that kind of relationship. And friends generally help out friends, well lets just say I don't have the world's greatest supporting cast around me. I'm a hell of a wingman, I've said it once and I'll say it again, I'm the best in the business, just check the track record, check the resume bitches! Wow, got distracted by another pretty girl, it happens ya know? Well, now that I've been taken out of my game, I guess I'll end it here. Good night folks and have a pleasant tomorrow!

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