Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Interesting Monday

Well, not really, seemed like just another day at the office really. Though I only went to one class though. I think Wednesday I'll be able to go to all three of my classes. After fighting sickness revisiting and a bit of fatigue for some reason I came back to the dorm to take my medicine and eat. Crap, that reminds me I gotta take my meds as soon as I'm done with this blog, so I guess this one won't be long.
However after eating and medicine taking, I mustered up the energy to hoop it up a few games. Though most of the time I spent pulling up my shorts and dogging it out there, I did find a burst of energy to hit some big shots and in our final game hit some game tiers and eventually the game winner. I even blocked my roommate twice, though one time I knocked him upside his gigantic head but he didn't call foul so he can quit his bitching bout that as I remind him I stuffed his ass. And on his airballed three attempt I got all ball and said it as I got all ball! He drained a few lucky threes in my face. I'm convinced that he just throws the ball at the net and hopes it goes in and then gives credit to himself pretending to be the second coming of JJ Redick. I got upset in one of the games because at the end I had several game winning opportunities when I was open but either my teammate didn't find me or took the shot themself. I'm the kind of guy with the competitive spirit where I want the ball in my hands for the last shot, that's just how I get down. I'm not the best, but when it comes down to crunch time, I'll find a way to get it done.
After a long nap this afternoon, I had a nice little argument with a friend of mine that really upset me. Yeah, it wasn't the best conversation, though some would disagree saying it's good because the girl I had the convo with hung up on me because I upset her. But really she upset me more. She spent most of the conversation saying that I'm a wuss, and I'm feminine and bullshit like that. Am I emotional, yes I'd say so, but it comes with the territory of being a Puerto Rican, we're emotional people, in fact all of us hispanics are if you think about it. Then she told me that I needed to change my ways of approaching women which once again, some might agree, but not with her methods. Well actually according to her my options are either to change, lower my standards or be gay. And she was serious about the last one. Yeah beyond that she took plenty of shots at me, bringing up stupid past shit about how I blew my chance with her and how she had a boyfriend and dumb shit. I think the kicker was when I said that I've learned a lot from being single and her response was "yeah but you haven't learned how to fuck in the shower, have you?" That's a low blow and a cheap shot for sure! That whole sex thing with me is a touchy subject, especially knowing now what I know about people that I refuse to mention in an attempt to protect the innocent. My friends say I should stop talking to this girl, and I try because I never call her, she always calls me. Always calls me bitching about some dumb shit, it's not like I ask for it. And then she goes on to take shots at me and not expect me to be upset.
Well after that I had a talk with a good friend of mine that tried helping me through the situation. Our conversation is long from being over, but was cut short because she had a phone call. She tried cheering me up kinda and tried giving me a window of ideas to follow, but as the days go on, I am continuously losing faith in women. One of these days, I'll truly "retire" like I did first semester, but for good.

Coming tomorrow:
  • The SIU Salukis season in review from my point of view
  • What am I giving up for lent
  • Revealing a new segment called "So Sick" inspired by the hit single by Ne-Yo I will reveal some shit that I'm sick of
  • Tuesday's happenings

And on http://mydamncubbies.blogspot.com

  • Cubs/Cardinals thoughts
  • My thoughts on the World Baseball Classic
  • A new segment I'll call "Behind Enemy Vines" where I take a look at what's going on down on 35th & Shields
  • Later this week I'll even come up with another position preview
  • And one of these days, I'm gonna talk about my love affair/obsession with the 2003 Cubs

And you know in both blogs, there are suprises along the way of course!

Good night from Salukiville!!!

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