Friday, March 03, 2006

Thursday Things

Due to me being tired and it being my bed time, here's a run down of Thursday's Things:
  • I woke up only 15 minutes before my first class. To make it worst, it was a 1 pm class. I threw on a shirt, stayed in my pajamas and got to class a minute or two late. After class ended, I got back to the room at 2 to have Cocoa Pebbles. Now does that constitute itself as breakfast? After that I had a class at three and that went quite smoothly. The most upsetting part of the afternoon was when I came back to listen to the Boers and Bernstein show, only for it to be pre-empted by White Sox Spring Training Baseball. Yuck! It was Thursday and that means WHO YOU CRAPPIN?!? Ahhh, my Thursday was really nothingness after that.
  • I played basketball for a few good hours tonight. I played very well, I found my shot again and that feels great. I have found my niche in basketball pick up games, stand around the three point line, wait for a loose ball or for someone to drive in and kick it out for the three ball. Today was an exceptional day because I hit several clutch shots. On top of that I had a bit of a post game today too with a bit of a turn around hook shot and fade away jumper. I did most of my damage from the outside. I took lotsa shots with guys in my face and drained them. I think there were two that were real clutch now that I think about them. Down 11-9 I drained a long ball with a guy flying past me, it was a high archer. Then there was another one from the wing with two guys coming at me, another high archer, it was like a Ben Gordon shot. Though I must say the shot of the night for me came when I was playing 21 and I called bank on a three and nailed it. It was totally awesome.
  • Despite basketball, I think the highlight of the night was talking to my cousin Kristin. We exchanged drama stories and reflected on the past and stuff like that. I think the coolest thing was when we apologized for the times when we were mean to each other when we were younger because now that we look back at it we were young and dumb, but we were always there for each other and will continue to be. I'm glad to have family like that, family that cares. I hope to see her when I go home for spring break.
  • All in all, Thursday was quite uneventful. Let's hope the weekend is a little fun. Besides, I have a paper due next Wednesday/Thursday, so I'm hoping for the best.
  • Can't wait til spring week....and selection sunday is in 9 days!!!!! GO DAWGS!

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