Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Happy Hump Day!

Today was so boring. I'm sorry today was a wasted day of nothingness. Got up early to try to sign up for summer school classes and my placement exam results aren't in yet because the english department hasn't read my BS of an essay. Then I drove my grandma around today, which was cool because I like spending time with grandma. I got back and watched the Cubs absolutely fall apart. It's an embarassment to be a Cubs fan these days, especially a die-hard like me who cares about the team and who's cared about the team more than anyone should for the last 19 years and on top of that I'm cynical like a 50 year old Cub fan at the ripe old age of 19. They're just causing me nothing but hell. Then we did a lil' softball practice. I played some less than average first base. I gotta work on my range going to my right. In my defense we were practicing on asphalt and the balls that got by I woulda been diving for. At the plate I took some practice swings and changed my approach on the plate. I tossed my old "load-and-unload" technique for a simpler lift and stride approach. For the first day I hit more line drives and I wasn't pulling everything down the 3rd base line. I gapped some today. It felt like it was a better swing too. I felt more balanced. We'll see how it works at practice tomorrow. I came back and ate dinner. It was yummy, I love me some home made food. I went downstairs to watch American Idol and Taylor won (BOO!) and I BOO! because I've been a Katherine fan since I laid eyes on her. She's friggin gorgeous. And has a great voice, I think she's on Kelly Clarkson's level if not better. She was definetly my idol. They showed the cute country girl from earlier episodes again. I blurted out "I'd hit that from here to whatever hick town she's from." I apologized after saying that cuz it was out of my character to say something that dumb. In more interesting news I scrapped my diet after a week. But I'm looking to get back on. It was tough last week cuz there was nothing to eat in my house except junk food. So my new plan is to cut out the pop, cut down on what I eat, drink more water and exercise more. I used the exercise bike today for a half hour today. I think a half hour a day will do me some good. I just want to look good. I figure if I look good I'll feel better about myself. I'm just looking to be happy. Sometimes I think that's asking for too much!

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