Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Short & Simple The Way Folks Like 'Em

I'm tired so I'll keep this quick and simple. It was an interesting day. After a day like today I feel like I mature a bit more as each day passes. I spent my day shadowing my sister at work seeing what she does and stuff like that. Now I know why she has no time for anyone cuz her work is hard and the people that work under her aren't geniuses by any stretch of the imagination. After seeing what those people do for a living, all that manual labor stuff, makes me wanna get a nice desk job somewhere. We also spent a lot of time catching up on stuff. Mostly my two years @ SIU which she knows little about because we never talk cuz she's always working. She gave me a nice lil' lecture today too. I love her lectures (well the ones I agree with at least). Those are tolerable. Well we talked about love, potential marriages, girls and stuff like that. I got a new perspective on it. Actually it was a re-hashed perspective that was eerily similar to something a real good friend has told me several times. It's just more believeable (not saying I don't put stock in the other person I do, in fact I value their opinion very highly) but it just sounded better coming from another outlet. It was more like a re-affirmation of my beliefs. Another good conversation I had was with my father this afternoon. Here's the gist of it. Use others' mistakes to guide you to your successes. Check. I've been doing that all my life with my friends. It's why one day I'll make an awesome boyfriend! LOL. Then he gave me marriage advice for some reason. I guess his step-daughter got married and he said that I should wait til I'm 35. I told him that marriage and having kids is the least of my concerns right now. However I won't deny that if that girl came along, I'd have to go with her. But as of now I guess I just have to live it fully.
That's it for tonight. Quick and painless. To an extent.

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