Friday, May 26, 2006

And when it all falls down.... think it can't get any worse, but then something dumb happens over and over again.
  • Well where do we start: happy friday to the readers of this blog. However it wasn't a happy friday for me. I went to the community college by me after a week of waiting for a week for my placement test results. Well all that was basically for nothing because they want me to take an entry level class instead of what I need to take for course credit to transfer to SIU. They were adamant about taking the pre-req which I thought was bullshit because that's what you give to an incoming freshman in college. I've graduated high school and I'm halfway through college. Yet they want me to take an entry level class like I'm some slow ass retard that would go to a community college because I'm obviously too dumb to take it. I don't even feel like making sense anymore. So that was bullshit. I have to wait til I get back into the country and have the head of the math department (who wasn't there, figures huh?) to sign me a release form to take the class I need. This is why the City Colleges of Chicago suck balls for a living.
  • Right after that I got hit with the news that I wasn't going to the Cubs game Saturday. BOO!!! The lady sold the tickets to someone that wasn't my mom. I was really looking forward to going cuz C-Lo (SIU b-ball coach Chris Lowery) was gonna be singing the 7th inning stretch. Instead I might go shopping with mom tomorrow instead. Still looking for Cubs tickets for a mid-July game. Stupid yuppies buying all the tickets I need.
  • RANDOM THOUGHT OF THE DAY: I was stuck in traffic on LSD (lake shore drive of course) and I had a bit of a revalation. By the way, I love my revelations. So I took a look out on the lake on a beautiful spring day. Took a look at the beautiful skyline and wondered to myself "why did I leave this place?" Seriously, Chicago is the greatest city in the world hands down without any doubts in my mind. I been to New York, it's a great city that brings out the best in me, but it ain't Chicago. I been to Vegas, which has been my second favorite place in the world and it's my getaway place and the place where I've had some of the best luck. All that said, LV doesn't hold a candle to Chicago. I've even been to Europe, I went to Barcelona in 1999 as part of an exchange program for school. I love that place too, but Europe just ain't for me. So as I thought about my travels I wondered why did I go to SIU-Carbondale, 6 hours away from wonderful Chicago. I wonder where I'd be had I not left. I think about the people I would have never met and the experiences I would have never had. I wonder if all of that would have been worth it by staying in Chicago. I am not gonna say that I regret going to SIU, but I can't help but think what could've been. Granted sometimes I think I'd be worse of now had I not ever gone to SIU. I'd probably still be stuck with a high school frame of mind....kinda like some other people I know that never left Chicago and I'd probably stuck chasing the same meaningless things I did before. I'm a changed man because of my experiences out of the city of Chi. But because the city brings out the best in me, I love it and appreciate it so much more than anyone ever really could.
  • And of course the Cubs. Boy oh boy, the just keep finding new ways to lose. It's been nothing but bad since October 14th 2003. It's depressing. I'm convinced that it's a punshiment to be a Cubs fan. Being a die-hard like I am, I must have been overly pleasureable in my past life because being a Cub fan is just heart-break after heart-break in so many different ways. It's days like today and years like the last few that make me truly believe in curses. Good news is that Prior's got a start in Peoria soon and will be back. Then will be Wade Miller. Then eventually Derrek Lee. But it will all be too little too late.

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