Monday, May 22, 2006

Pretty Decent Day To Be Me

I can't complain, today wasn't completely horrible. Woke up, took mom to work, got back and spent the day learning life lessons from my dad. Shopping, cooking, seasoning, preparing food all that good stuff. You know stuff I'll need for next school year when I'm living on my own in my own apartment. Oh and I got a grill, so I'll be cooking and I love cooking.
I'm excited for next year. I'm thinking new beginings, a new me, a new outlook. I'm trying to think positives here. But we gotta get through the summer first. And really I'd like for summer to take its time. I got people to visit and I have people coming to visit me and I just can't wait to see them. I guess we can start off with my trip to Puerto Rico and I leave town Sunday morning. I'm looking forward to that, going back to PR for the first time in a long time. I'll get to see some sites and some family. Hopefully the government stays in tact and the people are in order. Next is the potential trip to visit Alicia. I'll probably take that trip with Kevin. As much as I'm afraid of the country for obvious reasons, it's worth it to see Alicia (or as she is referred to as 'The Third Most Important Woman In My Life'). Then comes my birthday. I'm having peeps come in not only for my birthday but the taste of chicago too. Taste of Chicago in the morning, party at night. That's how it should/will go down. And then One week after everyone leaves after the 4th and all that good stuff, Meagan comes and I can't wait to meet her in person. We shall have a blast. Still gotta find some money to go to country thunder though. It's such a tight squeeze with bills, saving for a car, and saving for the apartment fund. Oh yeah and insurance!!! Well country thunder or not, we'll have have fun I'm sure!
Off to bed it is for me. I hope this was short enough for those who have asked me to shorten my blogs! Good night peeps!

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