Thursday, May 25, 2006

It's Just A Little Crush...

...and some other stuff on my mind.
  • And that crush I speak of is of course, well actually I have two crushes. I think anyone who read my last blog knows I have a bit of a thing for American Idol runner-up Katherine McPhee. However a bit of a newbie comes in the form of Nelly Furtado. I saw her new music video for her song "Promiscuous" and yeah wow, she got hot. I remember her from "Fly Like A Bird" and I thought she was cute but she definetly "whored" out in this video, very provocatively dresed. But yeah, I was sitting there watching the video and I was like "there's my new crush."
  • Boring day in the city. I dunno what's weirer the boring city blogs because everything is relatively normal or those late night blogs from Carbondale in which it seems I'm losing my mind. Those are fun to write but not fun to see the next day when you wake up. No practice, I spent most of the day in bed out of pure laziness and I've spent most of my night in the basement waiting for laundry. Yawn, I know. This weekend should be fun, especially if I go to the mall tomorrow and I go to the Cubs game Saturday and oh yeah the trip to the PR.
  • Oh I got a new favorite show on MTV. It's called "Why Can't I be You?" OR something to that extent. Basically there's someone who idolizes/admires/envies someone else from a distance and wants to be like them. Then they meet this person who they live with for 48 hours in an attempt to learn as much about what they envy and how they can make themselves more like. The episode I saw they had this nerdy kid who wanted to be like this guy who came into his restaurant with a bunch of hot girls every day. C'mon who isn't jealous of that guy? I know I am. In fact I find myself in that boat as we speak. If I could tell that kid one thing, it's to be yourself. Why would I say that? Well because I'm finally starting to take my own advice and it seems to be working. Remember that first impressions are key because they lead to proving or mis-proving predispositions a girl has about you. Learning as I go along.
  • FINAL THOUGHTS: This might be my last blog until I get back from Puerto Rico, which I leave for on Sunday. So I'd like to take a moment and wish happy anniversary to two people that I know read this. Happy anniversary Kevicia. See it's been about six months since I put myself in a dilly of a pickle between my roommate and as I knew her back then as "the cute blonde across the hall." since then being around them has had its ups and downs but being the close friend in a relationship, it happens naturally. sure it has caused awkward moments, odd thoughts and sometimes a strain in the our friendships. but as i said, shit happens right? i don't know what else to say or what else i can say about this without saying something dumb. so i'll leave on that. happy anniversary you two.
  • That's it I'm all out of thoughts for the night. Though I'll leave you as I hum Jennifer Paige's "It's Just A Little Crush..."

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