Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Blog Part One: Poetry Slam!!!

This is part one of a multi-pronged blog attack. Here I will be revealing my first two poems of this school year, both were assignments that I had to do for my ENGL 382 class. Enjoy.

Sundown At The Pier

Because of distance he’s
out of focus. Even cropped, he’s still
a distant blurred shadow on the pier.
It clears and as it develops,
exposed is the shadow
in the twilight of the daytime
and its dwindling daylight,
attempting to escape inevitable darkness.
A single figure reflecting in the reflection of the river.

The assignment was to write about a picture that you had taken of a family member and describe it. In addition to that I had to use words that the teacher recommended that we use. It turned out pretty well, I'm making changes to it though. You will see those later this semester.

Behind that glass slipper of purity
lives a dirty little secret.
The light dimmed,
slowly like a sunset her dress dropped
and her hair fell
slightly past her shoulders.
She laid down the ground rules,
then proceeded to lay down herself.
Two faces plain as the sheets
in which they are currently tangled.
Sporadic panting breaks the monotonous silence
and the continuous pounding of the wall by the headboard.
Climax came and went and without a hint of emotion,
both parties laid still as a hush fell over the room.
Her free fall from royalty
and his wife’s nagging brought them together
to dance the night away.
Isolated and out of place
lay the used condom…
…next to the glass slipper.

This poem was about taking a fictional character and putting them into a situation that you wouldn't expect them to be in. As you can see, I turned Cinderella into a prostitute. She's really whoring it up in this one. I knew this poem was good when a friend of mine gave it the thumbs up despite the fact that I turned Cinderella into an absolute dirty slut. She loves Cinderella and her fairy tale but because of the way I used my words she couldn't hate me (or the poem.) Thanks for the kind words Meagan.

And for my next trick? I'll be flipping the script on the "list poem" topic handed down to us. Instead of listing "The Girls I've Kissed" (you can insert any one-liner about that being a short list here) I'm writing about "The Girls I Didn't Kiss" (once again insert joke about that being a LONG LAUNDRY LIST here) under the working titles "Missed Connections" and/or "Wish List." Once again, thanks Meagan.

Finally enjoy and leave some comments, this blog (like myself) gets lonely.

COMING LATER: The rest of blog fun!

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