Wednesday, September 13, 2006

So Much To Blog, So Little Time... I won't do a major blog, though I'll preview tomorrow's blog (which will take sometime later today, tonight or possibly tomorrow morning).

  • Poetry Corner: I'm gonna post my first two poems from this semester and I'll hopefully have something down for the next poem which is due Friday. The topic for that one is the list poem. The list for me? I flipped a suggested topic "The Girls I've Kissed" and turned it into "The Girls I Didn't Kiss." As of now I'm working under the titles "Wish List" and "Missed Connections." We'll see where it goes, but it has potential.
  • Rant & Rave. Oh there's so much to rant and rave about. The new Facebook. Turning 21. Untapped potential/my own worst critic. And of course love (specifically internet dating I got some opinions on that.)
  • Oh yeah and musical thoughts too. I got some new music, I've been listening to old music and FINALLY Steve Harvey's segment in "The Original Kings of Comedy" makes complete sense to me!
  • Finding peace. Not world peace, not even peace of mind, but relative peace. As of now it's a moment of clarity that I've recently had, once again I'll get to it tomorrow
  • And of course SUPRISES along the way. Stay tuned because if you miss a little, then you miss a lot!

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