Friday, September 08, 2006

A Day Removed

A day removed from yesterday's clutter I'm feeling a little bit better. Things are a bit clearer in my mind and of course that is ALWAYS a good thing. It's why sometimes you just gotta blog it out. Today was a pretty easy day for me I must say because I only had one class. Oh and now it's Friday bitches!!!! And there's no one happier than me because that means it's the weekend and that means no worries 'til Monday. So instead of taking you through my mindset about certain things that have been at the forefrunt recently, I'm gonna have a little fun and drop a couple of editorial comments.
EDITORIAL A- The Metric System Is The Work Of The Devil.
I hate that school is trying to shove the metric system down our throats. Sure even the English have abandoned their own system, but that doesn't mean we have to. Throughout our lives we are asked not to succumb to peer pressure and to be ourselves, yet we as a country are being duped into adopting a backwards ass system of measurement. Think about it people, one meter equals 3.3 feet. So that 500 foot home run that BALCO Bonds just hit went 1,650 meters??? Talk about skewing the numbers. Even our teacher solidified my case against the metric system by saying that it caused a plane to crash when not enough fuel was put into a plane. The metric system sucks people, face it. We shouldn't be doing things because everyone else does. It's like the theory that soccer is the greatest thing since sliced bread (sliced bread still not having been invented in several countries that participate in soccer's World Cup) and you should like it because everyone else in the world likes it. Just because EVERYONE else likes it doesn't mean I have to like it. Go! Go! English System! BYAH!
EDITORIAL B- Cool Teachers.
If there was one thing I liked about high school, it was that I had some pretty good teachers that positively impacted my life in some way. Well the last two days I have run into two of my favorite teachers that I've had in my tenure at SIUC. First Mr. Weiss, my ENGL 101 teacher from freshman year. I saw him while walking through Faner Hall on Wednesday while on my way to my poetry class. Though I didn't get to talk to him, we exchanged pleasantries, and I'll make sure to make this comment next time I do get a chance to talk to him. I would just like to thank him for introducing me to the blogging world, for if not for him, I would not have a blog which would have limited my creativity and randomness and would not have had a place in which I could vent without taking it out on one person. And yesterday (Thursday) I saw my POLS 114 T.A. Drew. Drew's a badass that goes to the basketball games and I seen him at the bars a couple of times last year partying it up. His notes made class great and easier to understand and his section was awesome. Even though he's a Cards fan he's still awesome. We talked about going to Bloomington to see the SIU/IU ballgame if not for football, definetly for basketball.
EDITORIAL C- Why I Stopped Watching Cubs Games.
I don't know if anyone reads my other blog, the one I only use to blog about the Cubs (; heck I don't know if anyone reads this blog (even though someone did tell me yesterday that they actually read it). Nonetheless, to paraphrase from last nights Cub blog I talked about the impact of not subjecting myself to bad Cub baseball for 10 days has had on me. Well, Thursday I decided to break the streak and turn on the ball game against the Pirates. And I didn't get through the first inning without being reminded on why I stopped watching the Cubs on the Tuesday before this one (coincidentally also against the Pirates) and that of course was a lead-off homer by Chris Duffy who entered the game batting in the .220s. Another embarassing loss to the woeful Pirates who are a half game ahead of the LAST PLACE CHICAGO CUBS! So, does anyone (who isn't a Cardinal or White Sox fan) think that a manager whose team has declined in production each year since he's been here deserves an extension? The proof is in the pudding, and the pudding sucks if you're a Cub fan. But back to the point I want to make here. With the Cubs absence in my life there was a void that went unfilled. It's a reason I've been feeling empty. For better or for worse the Cubs have been there for me. When I'm happy, they're there. When I'm sad, they're there. Whether it be day game, night game, game of the week...the Cubs have been there for me. It's more than I can say about some people; it's more than I can say about my love life. The Cubs play a vital role in my life and I am ashamed as a self-proclaimed die-hard that I ignored them for more than a week. Yes, in this blog I come off as a loser, and really as a Cub fan I am used to being a "loser." But hey there's millions of them as loyal as I am and there's no shame in having something that you have a passion for and something that you've had a passion for since childhood.
Take some time to yourself and think is there ANYTHING that you are passionate about now that you were passionate about as a child. Or maybe even a few years ago. Maybe you can leave your answers in the comments section.

Until then I have an ECON test to study for tomorrow. Happy Friday everyone!

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