Thursday, February 10, 2005

Thursday Night 10:09

So when its not one sickness it's another. As soon as i get over whatever-the-hell I had that had me in bed more than Paris Hilton, here comes the mysterious stomach illness that causes me to throw up 40 minutes before class starts, prompting me to stay home, at least for that class. Could it be stress? Maybe. Lack of care? No, I've taken good care of myself. Could it be the fact that everyone is spreading they're sickness? YES! It seems like everyone from me to the star of the basketball team is fighting flu like symptoms. It sucks. Stuffy head, runny nose, coughing, sneezing, dry mouth, just evertything sucked. I didn't go out, hell, I bearly left my room. That shit sucked. So now, after today I feel clean. I feel like its all out of my system. Well, I hope so. I still am not going out this weekend. In fact, I'm tired of going out. I've been out only once since I've been back. That's a fucking achievement. That is worthy of a scholarship of some kind isn't it? Granted, going out and getting wasted is the only thing to do around these parts, but I've done fine without it. I've been attending the basketball games, writing and reading poetry and watching a lot of Law and Order. No need to get wasted, I can have just as much fun with those that come back at 1 am wasted. That was much of the fun anyways. There is the only thing I miss about my former roommate, whenever I didn't wanna go out, or said I wouldn't go out, I'd end up out with him. But now, I make my own decisions, not like he made decisions for me or anything, I just found myself going out usually when he did. Sorry bout that first night buddy, honest mistake! lol. Wow, so classes were boring today. I didn't see that one girl again, I'm still head over heels over her, and in a class of 200 kids, I'll probably never see her again. Oh well, it was a nice view while it was there.
4 Days til Valentine's Day
I was thinking one day (I know, another amazing achievement) about Valentine's Day. And what everyone is telling me. What they're gonna do, who they're gonna do, their ultimate plans and all that crap. I had a revelation, I want to be part of that. Just once, I wanna buy a roses and place them on the doorsteps of the girls I like and the girls that I consider friends. I wanna send out lovey-dovey cards with catchy Valentine's Day slogans. I wanna eat those candies with those adorable sayings. I wanna be a secret admirer. I wanna give stuffed animals and candies as gifts. I wanna go out to dinner with a really nice girl, talk about the good times and have a good time. I want to come back, pop some popcorn and lounge around and snuggle with someone special. Finally, I want someone special so at least I can have one fond memory of Valentine's day. However, I can't, not for this year at least. It seems that I have my mind made up about Valentine's Day. My hate for it is holding back those other emotions I have inside of me. For how long, who knows, all I know is that I have 4 days to make a very important decision. Girls aren't making my feelings or decisions feel better or easier. The month of February, its cold, and the only good thing to come out of it is that pitchers and catchers report in 6 days. Keep it Pimpin...HOLLA AT YA BOY! As I finish this entry, the time at the tone is 10:37

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