Monday, January 31, 2005


Wow, its been a couple of days since I've posted an opinion, oh joyous days. I'd first like to start off by saying good bye to former childhood idol and Wrigley Field god Sammy Sosa. Sammy is close to being sent to Baltimore, proving that wishes of Cubs fans do come true, but we should not be totally happy Cubs fans. So now that Sammy's gone, we can give some of that money to J.D. Drew. Wait, this just in, he's been signed by the Dodgers. Oh well, nothing to fear, we can sign Carlos Beltran now. Wait, what do you mean he signed with the Mets two weeks ago. I thought he wanted to play in beautiful Wrigley Field? I thought he wanted to play with a big city atmosphere without big city pressure. I guess he wanted to play with $115 million instead. But more power to him, when Pedro's arm falls off, the Mets are dwelling in the cellar of the NL Least and the Mets fans are sending him death threats asking for their money back, don't come crawling, crying to me. How about Magglio? The perfect slap in the face to the White Sox. George Bell for Sammy Sosa Pt. 2. The man who is on record on saying that he doesn't want to leave Chicago and can see himself playing in Cubbie blue. He's probably gonna take a long term deal to play for the still toothless Tigers. So, what are we left with Cubs fans. Jason DuBois/Todd Hollandsworth dynamic duo in right field? Cubs fans, when you were asking for Holly to play everyday instead of Sammy last summer when Sammy went down, your wish is most likely going to come true. Our final option left is Jeromy Burnitz. So, the Cubs idea of replacing a future Hall of Famer is replacing him with someone who will bat .200 with 20 homers and 70 RBIs outside of Coors Field. Cubs fans, we were better off with Sammy with a cork strategically placed in several areas. Don't get me wrong, I was all for trading Sammy and still am, but I feel we're getting jipped off by only getting Jerry Hairston Jr. and some minor leaguers. They couldn't even use Sammy to get the one thing they needed in the offseason, a closer. And if the rumors are true that he rejected the counter offer that would've sent Jorge Julio (Armando Benitez Part Deux) and Jay Gibbons (who is a younger, better average hitter and as good if not better power hitter than Burnitz) to save a couple of million dollars then someone needs to get fired. If its Hendry, then it's Hendry. But it isn't its those boneheads at Tribune tower. Cub fans, get ready for a long year. On the other hand, get ready, because next year could also be our year.

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Luis M said...

Note to readers. Larry Himes, former Cubs GM who brought Sosa to the Cubs in 1992 says that the Cubs are going to be worse off and on a downslide without him. DO NOT GIVE HIM ANY CREDIBILITY! He's also the same man who thought the Cubs would be better by not paying for Greg Maddux. Thats like taking love advice from a guy who's had more wives than the Yankees have World Champions.