Monday, January 31, 2005

My 1st Poem

In my creative writing class, my first non-reading assignment was to write a descriptive poem about something without using it directly, by using similies and metaphors and crap like that to describe what you were feeling. Here's my poem, hope you like it.

What is this called?
By Luis C. Medina

The view from the top is nice,
Yet dreary, when you are like a Redwood among shrubs
As if you were a pigeon flying among geese
You’re seen as odd, like a rose; number thirteen
Loose change goes unnoticed, unused, and unappreciated
Especially on the cold wet ground
Like an autumn leaf, after a cool rain
It’s like being the last piece of pizza
All those you came with are gone, and
You’re left isolated and uncertain if you will ever emerge from the
Dark box you call home
What is this called?

Interpret it how you may.

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Knot said...

i like it ^^ keep tham coming ;)