Wednesday, February 02, 2005

12 Days Til V-Day

12 days until the most evil holiday in the history of holidays comes upon us. First of all, its not even a holiday. Why isn't it one? Simple, because I don't get a day off from school for it. If I get a day off from school, then yes it can be considered a holiday. Until then, NO! NO HOLIDAY FOR YOU! I hate what Valentine's Day stands for. You are selling peoples feelings. That's wrong. That's why I truly hate this day. The idea that love can be bought pisses me off and makes me look down on people who worship it like it is a true holiday. Its alright, cuz the boycott is on. However, I might ease up on my drunkeness on that night. Who knows, maybe in the next two weeks I can find me someone special I can spend Valentine's Day with. Maybe I'll find someone nice at the Pit to take back to my room. Yeah, that just sounds great. "Daddy where did you meet mommy." "She was at the Pit singing about balls...SKEET SKEET!" I dunno, I'm torn because I hate Valentine's day, but I'm willing to give it one last shot. Maybe, I don't know, but I still hate. I'll wait til February 15th. Its funny, the worst day of the year is followed by the best day of the year. Pitchers and catchers report for Spring Training, it is only the best time of the year for baseball fans. Yeah, and now that Sammy's gone, maybe there will be no controversey at Mesa this year. Oh, and I have a perfect slogan for this years Cubs team. And I'm taking it from the hottest artist with the hottest CD and my favorite song from the CD. The Game's Dreams produced by Kanye West on his new album The Documentary has our new motto as Cubs fans. "Anything can happen, if 50 fucked Vivica! Be there for the drive in 2005!"

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