Thursday, February 03, 2005

11 Days

Wow, only a couple of days til Super Bowl. Go Philly! Sure, they knocked out my boy M. Vick but you know what, I gotta back my favorite receiver in the NFL and my 1a Fave to Vick (T.O.) and Chi-towns finest (McNabb) and I hate the Pats cuz they eliminated my pick to go all the way which was INDY. I hope TO scores so he can do something crazy. Then the next Monday would be Valentine's Day. It sucks, because its on a Monday, what a way to get your week started if you're in my shoes. Its okay though. I feel blessed. I was actually thinking about it the other day that there are people who wish that they could be in my situation. Sometimes I take a look at myself and I say, "What the hell am I complaining about?" So, I don't have a girl, so what? Some people out there don't have food, homes and families. Thats sad, but I can't help that, I can only comment and help out my own situation. I know I'm part of the lucky sperm club, all of us who are living are part of that club. Makes me wonder another thing, I was the strongest and best of the bunch. Look at me now, typing away like I'm meeting a deadline for the Tribune or something. I dunno, alls I know is this... I hate Valentine's Day and am totally against it. Thats what is making me double think about my drinking. Drinking on V-Day will have me doing everything Valentine's day represents--Spending money on something that I don't really need to be spending money on. Thats crazy, I just realized that. And I'll be saving some money. But on the other hand, I gotta go out there and go get some. I'm starting to piss myself off because I feel left out. I dunno, one of these days I'm just gonna spill to that girl, tell her everything and walk back to my room, lock the door and go to bed. Oh yeah, and for Valentine's Day, the phone goes off, the dorm phone goes unplugged, and Louie stays off-line. And the doors go locked. I'm preparing myself a "Very Angry" mix to listen to that day. A little bit of angry 2 Pac, angry Eminem, angry 50 Cent and of course angry white people. Gotta love it. Well, I'm going to work on a couple of poems I've been working on in the recent days and nights. Take it easy folks. Keep it pimpin out there!

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