Friday, February 04, 2005

The Most F'd Up Day Ever

Wow, the last two weeks have been absolutely fucked up. If it wasn't a gigantic garbage can full of water flooding the hall, hungry hungry hoes and drunks getting things shoved up their asses, yesterday topped it all. Throwdown Thursday took new meaning yesterday when a dude from our floor was beaten up. Us city folks obliged by city rules. If it's not your problem, don't jump in until they make it your problem. Country folks trying to save everyone. Country folks don't understand that what they think is right is right. You should go out and help your fellow man, however there is an exception to this rule. This rule excludes city people, you let them fight, why because it happens all the time. The floor was drenched in blood. You could see the drops everywhere. There was lotsa drama there at that point. Country girls wanted to help the boy feel better, country guys wanted to stop the gigantic black people from fighting. I tried to explain the situation and why I handled it the way I did. Its a city thing. I'm sorry, country people don't fight, they hunt. Now, city people we're used to this crap, country people have to fix fights to say they were actually apart of one. But that was only the beginning. It was 3 am when Vinny (my suitemate) decided to be drunk and blast Enrique Iglesias and some other really dumb bad pop music and I mean blast as in you could feel the bass on the other side of the building loud. Loud enough to keep me awake all night. Then I couldn't, sleep, and when all was quiet I stepped out into the hallway and bitched out my boy Hoos. He explained the situation and calmed me down. I attempted to drug myself (2 benedryls and 5 IB profin) to sleep. It didn't work, however. I stayed staring at the ceiling, trying to sleep. 5 am: Knock knock. Who is it? SIU Police. SIU Police???? I thought they were there to question me about the fight. Instead, they were there to question me about what had happened in the hall. The electrical pipe had been torn down from the ceiling decorated with a trail of clothes. I had nothing, went back to bed only to not sleep because people were there to fix it right away. The last couple weeks been fucked up, but man, whats the worse that can happen?

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