Monday, January 31, 2005

Tales of Wal Mart

Sam Walton wouldn't be proud of what he saw last night if he had gone to Wal Mart with me at 11 pm. Or would he have? A friend and I were at the Wal Mart check out line where I was stopped. I had fewer items than my friend, however there was one problem, I was a little more suspicious. I was stopped for SWBH- Shopping While Being Hispanic. She checked my cart for "additional items" and she checked my bag and checked my receipt. Her reasoning, because she thought the machine was broken, she had to make sure I paid for everything. Look, just because I am young, arrogant and Hispanic, doesn't mean I'm going to rob you. I hope some tall blonde hair, blue eyed southerner had plans of robbing them and executed them just because of the fact they won't stop him. Oh, tales of racisim from the conservative small college towns of America.

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Mr DirtBagger said...

Don't shop at wal-mart. They are the anti-christ.