Wednesday, February 09, 2005

5-18-7-96 All Relevant Numbers, And I'll Tell You Why (No, Not the Winning Lotto Numbers Either)

You're all probably confused about the numbers heading this post. I'll keep it very simple for ya. 5 days until Valentine's day in which I will spend my 18th year alone, and a number not mentioned 1st without Fannie May candies to keep me happy. It is really gonna take a lot for me to get over this day. A friend and I were talking about my hatred for it and he's mad that I let the day get to me. I'm mad about that too, I get fucked up over the most stupid shit. When I get pissed about Valentine's Day, I should think about some poor kid across the globe who wishes he was in my situation complaining about not having someone special for Valentine's Day, instead of having something to really complain about, like not having enough money to support the family from day to day. That'd be something to truely complain about, not some stupid wannabe holiday. 7 days until Pitchers and Catchers report to Cubs spring training. Only the greatest time of the year. Those are the best words ever to come out of any sportscasters mouth because its cold, and grey, and whenever I hear "Pitchers and Catchers Report" I can't help but think about sunny Arizona where they train. That leads to visions of the fully blossomed green ivy on the outfield walls, the girls in the bleachers, hot times in the city, and a summer day in my Graceland, Wrigley Field. All of the good times pop into my head. Like when Sammy Sosa beat the Astros with a walk off homerun off Brad Lidge on my birthday. Carlos Zambrano beats the White Sox in a 2-1 thriller. Sammy hits a game winning homer that shatters the window of a building across the street. And all of the heckling I did to guys like Austin Kearns, Raul Mondesi, Billy Koch and Braden Looper just to name a few. However, the 96 stands for how many years it has been since the Cubs have won the World Series, which would bring the ultimate happy thought to me. If the Cubs ever won the Series, all my cares would be thrown out the window. I would be the happiest person in the world. Happier than any announcer, any player, any fan or any one else associated with that team. Why? Because I have associated myself with that team all of my life, through good and through ALL OF THE BAD! I'd cry, I swear on everything I would cry because I would be so happy. Heck, I'm watering just thinking about what I would be feeling in that moment. I wouldn't even worried about Valentine's Day, I'd just pawn it off as Cubbie day and I'd gift myself with some chocolates and some Cubs memorablia. Instead of popping in a phat Booty Mix, I'd pop in the tape of the World Series clincher. I'd be sitting on my couch, with my stuffed Cubbie Bear, eating a hot dog with grilled onions, a Pepsi and a Frosty Malt while I watched the game in all of my Championship gear, under my warm Cubbie blanket. I'm just gonna stop here, because if I write anything else on this page that doesn't have to do with this, it will ruin my moment.

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