Wednesday, February 09, 2005

How I spent my day

This day was awfully plain. I woke up for breakfast, but refused to go to my History 101B lecture siting the fact that I didn't feel like going to that class. I don't like being there, I don't like being in section, but its okay that I only miss one day. Geez, it's not like I'm cutting class and staying in my room all day watching BET and downloading porn. So, I did get up to go to my Health and Nutrition class, managing not to spend my time downloading porn, however I did watch BET. I spent my time recovering from my lack of sleep I received last night while tossing and turning thinking about..i don't even remember what I was thinking i feel like a dumbass. Well, back to class. I like to sit in the back left corner of my Health and Nutrition because I am generally isolated, I can take notes, while reading the paper at the same time, because of all of the empty desks. However, something caught my eye today in class, it was a girl. Not just any run-of-the-mill gal, this one was the goods. Grade A, a dime, a certified 20, a silver dollar. She was fresh, hot, sexy, stunning. Or as I'd like to say, girl had talent! She was perfect, beautiful flowing hair, even clean and shiny. Her eyes were bright and hazel...killer eyes. THE PERFECT BODY. Nice chest, stomach flat like it got steamrolled. Girl had it going on. And she had those jeans with the holes in them, and to me, as dumb as I think that trend is, on certain girls its super sexy. Now, don't get me wrong, this girl is totally not my type, in fact she's totally out of my league. But once in a while that girl comes along. She's untouchable, on a pedastal somewhere not for you to approach, but for you to see like if it was a shrine or to appreciate. She's eye candy. That was her today, and she sat next to this guy, and he didn't even seem to flinch. This might be my immaturity here kicking in, but I'm already fidgety in a dark classroom and have a short attention span, thank my lucky stars she didn't sit next to me. I'd be more jumpy than a drug dealer at the border. I would've approached her, if not for my new found fear of failure, and the fact that she'd probably laugh me off like I was just another dude in her ever-so-precious space. So, since I couldn't get close to her at all, I found myself doing what most teenage boys do...undressing her with my eyes. I felt like such a dog, such a perv such a tool for doing so, but believe me, I didn't do it on purpose, I really didn't, that's not me. I felt so bad for doing so. I apologize to all women for acting the way I did. Maybe that'll clear my conscience. Well, anyways, I undressed her with my eyes. A glance from the corner of my eye had her leaned back in the chair topless, running her hands through her hair. Shook that one off, Louie calm down. Another glance, she's rubbing her stomach. LOUIE DAMN IT CONCENTRATE! Took a couple of notes about the..I don't even remember what I took notes on..she's sitting there naked, like nothing is wrong. That's cuz nothing was wrong and she was fully clothed. But not in my eyes. Wow, that must feel degrading to be one of those women who gets that stare. And I'm suprise she didn't catch me. Wow, I'm soo sexually frustrated right now. Not to the point in which I'm desperate for the next girl that walks in my door, but desperate enough to make a plea to several girls and just throw my Valentine's morals out the window just to test the waters. Wow, nothing compares to that moment in Health class. Nothing will probably, until the day I get some. Someday I'll make some girl happy...I wish it was today and I wish it was her.
Oh yeah, and after class I went back to my room to watch BET, from Justin to Kelly (possibly the worst musical ever written) and I ate and went to the Rec Center and got me a hella work out by playing Butts Up. I'll explain that tomorrow and I will talk more about from Justin to Kelly and how that burns more brain cells than drinking and takes time off your life while adding years on to it. Good night and sweet dreams to you all.

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