Monday, February 07, 2005

The End of the Day

Wow, today sucked sooo much. I haven't eaten all day, except lunch...I had a hot dog and some chips. I've been so sick, today my stomach felt like crap and taht added on to my sickness. I'm one sick bastard I tell you what. Other than that, I spent my night in my bed, I've been so tired. I really would like someone to talk to but its hard to communicate when you're passed out in your bed all day and all night. Since 2 o'clock I've been in my room. Golly, I wish I wasn't so damn sick. The way things are going, I'll never go to the Pit again, which wouldn't be a bad thing necissarily. I'd be saving a lot of money by doing so. I'm so happy, only 8 days until spring training for my Cubs. So happy because finally the only controversies will be on the field. And the only criticisms will go to the Cubs front office, not to any particular player. Finally, hopefully we can have a good spring training, and a good year. I really have nothing else to say, because my mind is hazy, cloudy and cold, like the Carbondale night. 7 days left tho, thats what I can say!

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