Thursday, February 10, 2005

The Good, The Bad, The Other

The Good: SIU wins, they pummelled Indiana state despite really crappy officiating in front of a lackluster croud at SIU arena. The fans that were there were rockin as always, but only 6,054 were in attendance. Classes were good, yet uneventful today despite a cell phone ringer war in history today. Very nice.
The Bad: Duke wins. I hate Duke. With an undying passion that rivals my hatred as a fan for the Cardinals, the Packers, the Knicks and Florida State Football. They're like the Yankees of college basketball. Except I can cheer for the Yankees because they unlike Chicago owners, put up whatever is necessary to win. Losing is unacceptable. I hate Duke, and they beat my favorite college team, UNC hoops. More than I like Michigan or Florida Football. More than I like my SIU hoops team, I love my UNC hoops that much more. The Program that Built Jordan. What makes it worse is that they lost by one. One fucking point. All those missed free throws, all those missed open jumpers, 22 turnovers and the worst game Rashad McCants has played all year. What a time to have your bad game. That was just as bad as when the Cubs decided to save their 3 worst playoff games in 2003 for games 5, 6 & 7 of the NLCS. Or when they decided to play their worst baseball against the worst teams in September (Reds, Expos, Mets). It kills me, the #2 team in the country lost, and now i gotta hear from the nation. Typing away that they get no respect, while they steal our (SIUs) coach and succeed with Bill Self's talent. You're #1, you get all the respect in the world, especially when Dickie V's tongue is snatched from Coach K's asscrack and placed in Illiniboard.coms bitches.
The Other: In a move that gives the Cubs a new look and continues the theme of getting rid of clubhouse cancers, the final step was taken today with the trade of Kyle Farnsworth to the Tigers. Sure, I'll miss Mrs. Farns, she was the best of all of the Cubs wives, granted she was a one night stand gone wrong, but you know how that goes when you're an athelete. Well, him and his 100 mph fastball is gone. But so is the mindset that throwin the 60 mph hanging curveball that gets hit 500 feet is better than throwing the unhittable 100 mph heat. Also, his gigantic redneck truck will be gone. Oh yeah, I'm pissed off at the rednecks down here in Carbondale. Who the hell do you think you are to boo the Jesse White tumblers. A buncha do good kids from the streets that are off the streets at least doing something. They entertained the hell out of you didn't they? You didn't expect that from a buncha black kids from Chicago did ya? No. Thats why us city people don't like "yall" sometimes, you judege to quickly, and then ya get mad when we do the same about you guys. Turnabout is fair play. Love you all, keep it pimpin!

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