Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Team Playmaker

Now that the football season is now over, it is time to reward those who truely made this football season worth watching.
The Playmakers <Coached by: Bill Parcells (Head coach), Tom Moore (offense), Jim Johnson (Defense), Mike Singletary (Special Teams)>
Quarterbacks: Peyton Manning (Colts), Michael Vick (Falcons), Donovan McNabb (Eagles)
Running Backs: Curtis Martin (Jets), LaDanian Tomlinson (Chargers), Willis McGahee (Bills)
Wide Receivers/Tight Ends: Terrell Owens (Eagles), Marvin Harrison (Colts), Randy Moss (Vikings), Tony Gonzalez (Chiefs), Alge Crumpler (Falcons)
The Heavy Hitters
Defensive Line: Julius Peppers (Panthers), Dwight Freeney (Colts)
Linebacksers: Ray Lewis (Ravens), Keith Brooking (Falcons)
Defensive Backs: Brian Dawkins (Eagles), Ed Reed (Ravens), John Lynch (Broncos)
Special Teams: Brad Maynard (Bears, Punter), David Akers (Eagles, Kicker), Allen Rossum (Kick Returner)

My predictions for next year:
Division winners: Patriots (AFC East), Colts (AFC South), Ravens (AFC North), Broncos (AFC West)
Wild Cards: NY Jets, Jacksonville Jags.
Divison Winners: Eagles (NFC East), Falcons (NFC South), Rams (NFC West), Vikings (NFC North)
Wild Cards: Carolina Panthers, Dallas Cowboys
Conference Champions: Colts (AFC), Eagles (NFC)
Champions: Eagles
MVP: Peyton Manning
Rookie of the Year: Cedrick Benson (running back)
Defensive Player of the Year: Julius Peppers

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