Sunday, February 06, 2005

What a difference a couple of hours makes

Wow! I love this place. As soon as I said I waas bored, lonely and damn near depressed, 1 oclock rolled around, meaning the drunks were coming back. Oh, thats the most fun. We have some of the most interesting conversations. Like, seperating the city people from the fake city people. Or the effect of hip-hop and urban culture on foreigners. The hip-hop generation in general. I see myself in a lot of these people. Difference is I'm a little more quiet and I like going to bed when I'm drunk. I like showering and sleeping. I can't wait til Valentine's day so I can get fucked up like these people that I spent the wee hours of this morning take care of. Wow, so far my college experience has been full of such drama only rivaled by crap that I went through in grammar school and in high school. But I'm beyond that. Problem is, stuff I experienced daily back in the city, its about damn time that country folks deal with it. We shall se what the outcome is like. Oh by the way GO EAGLES! McNabb better rep the CHI right!

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