Sunday, January 29, 2006

One Step Forward and a Country Two-Step Back

I've always wondered, how do you get a job as a headline writer cuz damn, I probably could be a good one. Well compared to last night, tonight kinda bit the big one. Once again the events that occurred didn't match the hype behind it. In fact, I have vowed to never go to Fred's Country Dance Barn again. Granted, that could change with the right situation and a girl with a certain accent asking me to go, but I really didn't enjoy myself this time. I guess I might have to attribute it to not being intoxicated. They also didn't play any songs that I liked. That's a big thing with me and music that isn't hip-hop or R&B. I'll listen to all sorts of music, check my I-Pod, I have a vast array of music, but if it's not a band I like or a song or even a style I like, I probably won't enjoy myself. That totally sucked cuz everyone else seemed to be having a good time. I dunno, maybe it was the people I was with or why we were there. I dunno, my mind is at odds and doesn't quite know what's going on. All I know is that even though my roommate doesn't necessarily want to be there, he's got one thing to do and that's make his girlfriend happy. Believe me if I went there with my girlfriend, no matter how much I didn't like it, I'd do whatever was in my power to make her happy. Whether it was singing, dancing, i don't know, but i'd make her happy under any circumstance. I dunno, I seem to be saying that a lot, but I just sometimes feel that everytime I look around I am reminded of my failures in life and why I'm stuck in the situation I am in now which is single and unhappy. There was a cheap shot taken tonight, it was quite hurtful (funny) but yeah once again not when its at your expense. It was something to the extent of "he faked it like your first girlfriend will." That's low, funny, but it hit a spot, especially after the last few weeks and what's coming up in 16 days. I wish I had answers to what plagued me.
And to think, had tonight not happened, I'd be flying high off of Friday nights events. Due to some name dropping I got to a house party for free, drank for free, and ended up staying with two girls in another building over night. No, nothing major happened. In fact, nothing minor happened either. I just had a real good time, and I think that's all that really matters. I hadn't had fun in a while, and I guess my friends were worried about me. They worry because I spend a lot of time at my computer, I've been unhappy and snippy and obvioulsy I haven't been acting like I would normally. Definetly changed last night, and I had a bit of a momentum swing, but yeah, tonight seemingly was a buzz kill.
As the calender turns the page to February, the only thing that means is that Valentine's Day is approaching, and personally I know that's not a good thing. My prediction is that Valentine's Day will be sunny, but bitterly cold. It'll be one of those days where you look out side and you think to yourself "It looks warm outside" because of the brightness of the sun and what not. And then you actually open a window and you go BRRR!!!! because it's friggin cold that damn teasing sun. I'll have my one class and on several occasions I will be reminded that it's Valentine's Day. I don't know which ones specifically but I have ideas. I see a phone call in the future. I also see red and pink t-shirts. I see flowers and candies for everyone. I see pure smiles. I'll probably wear black. That was one of my things in high school. If a day got me down, it was a black day, but I don't have black jeans. Well I'll throw on my black sweats and a black shirt with my white shoes...damn i miss having black shoes.

Well that's it for now because I'm tired and guests are coming. this should be quite a night. if not oh well. Let's see what monday has in store.

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