Wednesday, February 01, 2006


That son of a bitch is just like his father, and that's not just the intoxication speaking. Bush is cutting medicare and student aid. Just like his fucking father did. It's a shame, just because HE and his rich bitch friends of the good ole boy network can afford to send their kids to school, guess what, my family can barely send me to school, so this fucking sucks. It's just another reason for me to be extremely pissed!!!!!!!!! Not that after tonights game was fucking cake walk either. Oh and on top of that my roomie and his gf broke up and yeah it's heartbreaking, just things weren't working out, which sucks. We have lotsa drinking to do to make up for it. FUCK BUSH! Tonight just proves not only does he not care about black people, he doesn't care about the future of this country or the voters that got him to where he is (aka OLD PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!) ASSCLOWN!

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