Thursday, February 02, 2006

Upon Further Review

So I have found myself doing a lot of "upon further review" posts which I guess can be taken however you'd like. Maybe it's self reflection, maybe it's just realization, maybe it's correction. Whatever it is, it keeps happening. Maybe, just maybe, the way I feel now is what happens after you are one day removed from what was definetly one of the more strange days I've ever been a part of. There's so much to write about, so I guess I'll start with my day.


So my day was quite interesting, though it didn't start well. I woke up cold because I left the windows wide-open and I didn't turn on the heat at all though I must say I was comfortable in bed. I looked outside my window and it was very representative of how I felt and I hoped that it wouldn't be a sign of things to come. It was dark, dreary, cold and rainy. It figures it would be like that after the first home loss for the SIU basketball team since January 2nd 2004 (team must have been playing off a hangover, this is Carbondale!) I went to class today, another pop quiz. That's 3 this week, wasn't pretty but I got through it. Ate lunch at the student center with my roomie at Subway just to catch up on some things. Then class again, pretty uneventful I must say. In fact today was quite boring. I came back, don't quite remember what I did. Oh, I got my package today, that was the highlight of the day. I got chilli, chorizo, a tamale and Fannie May chocolates which are the savior of valentine's day. My parents are so totally awesome, I miss them a lot and I'm sure my mom misses me driving her around. Later I watched UNC beat #23 Maryland in Maryland snapping their 14 game home winning streak. After the big UNC win then came on Beauty and the Geek, good show but they gave the geeks make overs and the one downfall of this show in my opinion is that when the guys get made over, they all look the same. It was quite reminiscent of when I came back to school 1st semester this year and all of the guys looked the same. Spikey gelled hair, button-up shirts with light colors. I'm not a big fan of uniformity unless it is on a sports team, that's the only exception, sorry folks! After 'Beauty' then came 'Wild-n-Out' the improv comedy freestyle show, heck of a show, very entertaining. After that I watched the Hulk Hogan show on VH1, played some Madden 98 on super nintendo and now I'm here writing part one of a 3 part blog.

II. Upon Further Review

This section will be a bit shorter, but no big deal. Thinking about what happened last night and the change compared to tonight with my roommie and his well the best way to put it would be on-again, off-again girlfriend. Well tonight they're on-again which is good, especially with all the drama and the sadness that occurred last night. I guess they had heart-to-heart deep talks and she wants things to work out and he's willing to change his stupid ways so I guess I admire her for knowing what she wants and I just hope on his part that he gets his head out of his ass and gets back on the good foot. The couple, they're good for each other, they give each other what they need at this point in their lives (well as long as my roommate's on a good day of course.) I can't predict the future, if I could, I'd be doing it on Wall Street and making loads of money. So things are good again. I'm friends with both parties and yeah we both had long talks, good talks and we got things said that were important. The talks between my roommate and I were more significant because well, I think I'm one of the few people that he actually trusts on campus. I can't blame him, it's not like I'm shady or anything. I'm as straight up as they come, so I'm good people. I'm a real good person to confide in, I've learned that. Girls love me because unlike most guys not only do I LISTEN, but I have insightful words and advice. That goes beyond what most guys do which is listen until they get the girl in bed. Once again, I hope things work out for the best for both of them. Until then, whatever happens will happen.

III. Last Night versus 'Bartman Night'

Last but not least, the thing that was bouncing in my head all day long was the comparisons between the ever so strange days that were last night (which still doesn't have a nickname yet) and the infamous 'Bartman Night.' Both are similar in many ways. I remember both as if they occured yesterday though one actually did occur yesterday. Both days I ended up feeling ill, yesterday was the stomach sickness and Bartman Night I caught a cold. Now how did I catch a cold on Bartman night. Well on what was supposed to be a clear day in Chicago, I got caught in the rain waiting for the bus and then it got cold and yeah it wasn't pretty. Both days involved odd school days that built up anticipation for the game. Both had shocking and unthinkable events that left me baffled and upset. Both left me with the resounding thought: WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED TONIGHT? After both games, I had that sick to my stomach feels like I was beat emotionally and punched in the stomach. Both nights were in one word, heartbreaking. The differences are simple, but important. I was at the SIU game cheering my lungs out along with my roommate. I watched the Cubs take a 3-0 lead and hopped on the train to go to Wrigleyville in anticipation of a celebration. When I got to Wrigley I looked up at the scoreboard as they put up the big yellow 8. I looked up at the scoreboard at the SIU arena, hoping that maybe I was witnessing a farce of some sorts. In both cases, my team lost leaving me heartbroken to say the least. I don't know if I'll ever be able to let go of either game for a long time. Not until the Cubs win the series. Not until March Madness rolls around and I see SIU seeded in the NCAA Tournament. All in all, both nights sucked for me. I spent so much emotional energy to get heartbroken, so what else is new.

Still dreading Valentine's Day. As I write this it's now 12:17 and it's February 3rd. 11 days left. 12 days until pitchers and catchers report to spring training. 59 Days until Opening Day 2006!

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