Wednesday, February 01, 2006


The headline sums it up folks. It was stunning and the feeling I have is absolutely sickening. SIU, the team with the longest home winning streak in the country lost today, stunned by Indiana State 63-54 AT HOME. My roommate and I sat there, stunned in disbelief. I stared at the scoreboard, hoping someone would pinch me, wake me up and tell me that this did not just happen. Hell, I'm still in shock. Indiana Fucking State! It's not like they have Larry Fucking Bird out there. 1-10 in the conference, 1 and fucking 10!
To put it simply without taking too much energy out of my already depleted body, here's the game recap. We were cold, they were hot, they got ALL OF THE CALLS in one of the worst refereed games I've seen at the Arena. I hate blaming the refs because the Dawgs missed baskets, some free throws but to be fair, Indiana State should have been at the line less times and the Salukis should have been at the line more times. It's as simple as that.
Several students stayed in their seats, shocked and dismayed at what happened. There was a subtle hush over the crowd after the game, it wasn't the same. Losing fucking sucks! I hate this feeling. Some of us stayed in our seats trying to figured out what went wrong on a night in which we could have taken the overall lead in the MVC. The night was set up perfectly, UNI lost to Creighton and we were playing a team that was 1-10 in the confrence. And we just couldn't do it. They've been doing this for 4 years consecutively, winning at home. I just don't get it, I'm still stunned.
So, in closing, today sucked as a whole. Fire drill at 6 am woke me up, took me out of my sleep and after breakfast I had a major upset stomach. The only good thing was I beat my roommate in two games of basketball. But I would have rather lost those and watched the Dawgs win.
I, personally, have never been a part of anything this special in my entire life, ever. In little league we were the best during the season, but we never won a championship. In high school the football team always choked at the end of the season. The basketball team was good for one year and one year only. The baseball team was good, but never won anything while I was there. The Bears haven't done anything since the year I was born. The Bulls haven't done anything since 1998. The Blackhawks haven't done anything since the mid-90s. The closest thing that could compare to this was the 2003 Cubs. Tonight, I have the same feeling that I had on the infamous "Bartman Night." Same sickening feeling, same long walk home, same sadness and shock and disbelief. So where to from here? I guess we have to start one all over again, I'd rather not, but I guess all good things have to come to an end. But why tonight? Why against a team that was 1-10 in the conference?
At the end of the game, the announcer said to have a good rest of the week. Well the rest of this week consists of bullshit, school and the fact that SIU no longer has something to be known for in college basketball. As a conference, the MVC is overlooked. As a team, SIU is overlooked in a state that loves winning teams and has embraced every team in this state except the one here in Carbondale. Ridiculed by Illini fans who stole our coach 3 years ago, same Illini fans that wanted Weber out after his first year, love him now. I'm still stunned.
I can't say it enough times, but I HAVE NEVER BEEN A PART OF ANYTHING THIS SPECIAL! After the Dawgs won the conference on the home court, I rushed the court, my roommate and I rushed the court. I had never been a part of an actual winner, ever. Nothing could beat that moment in which we won the conference. The only sad part is that I don't have any pictures to remember it by. But if we win (I'd love to say when we win, but I'm to hurt and crushed to say so) but if we win, believe me, there will be plenty of shots of me, my friends, the dawg pound and the dawgs themselves.
Until then, it's time to drink this loss under the table. I'm still shocked, it's not been posted anywhere. Not on ESPN, not on the Saluki website, nowhere except on away messages and on the faces of the stunned Saluki Nation.

Good night from a sad little town called Carbondale.

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